Where do you look for the breaking news stories? How do you find the latest gossip? Check out Fusion, a unique channel offering a combination of news and entertainment with underlining light-hearted humor. You will find shows such as Alicia Menendez Tonight, Strange Medicine, and Midterm Mayhem on their cable station, accompanied by news stories covering social and national events on their website. Great Plains Communications launched the channel on September 30, 2014, and has found great success in it.

Fusion isn’t just your typical news station. Backed by Univision and ABC News, a unit of the Walt Disney Company, the network strives to connect with you in a more engaging, conversational way, rather than merely throwing facts at you. Through interviews, diverse show hosts, and a free-flowing reporting style, Fusion provides an exclusive information outlet.

So, next time you are looking for more information on a big news story, check out Fusion. When you want to check on the latest politics or what new movie your favorite actress stars in, check Fusion. You can discover where Fusion falls on your channel lineup by looking at our handy channel guides. Let us know what show you have come to enjoy on Fusion!

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