While the weather may not be cooperating, spring is here!  That means warm weather construction projects are right around the corner.  So, we here are Great Plains Communications want to make sure that you know to Call before you dig!

You may not know, but there are dozens of wires and pipes running below the surface of your town and these lines cross under streets, parks, businesses, and backyards.  That means if your summer plans include adding a new fence, an underground pool, trees or any other digging project, you need to call the Diggers Hotline of Nebraska at 811.

This hotline will tell you if there are any water pipes, Cable lines, electric wires or other issues before you accidentally cut your neighbor’s Internet access.  We encourage you to check with the hotline even if you don’t think that your digging project is very extensive.  While Great Plains Communications traditionally buries its Internet, Cable, and Phone wires at least 6 ft. underground, some cable may be placed as little as 6 in. underground.

If you have any more questions, the Diggers Hotline of Nebraska has created a great handbook that you can view by clicking here.  It will answer your frequently-asked-questions.

Do you have your own digging safety tip to add?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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