Does your school have an amazing idea but lacks the funds to make it happen?  Then you need to apply for a Great Plains Communications grant!  Each year, we give up to $20,000 in grants to schools throughout the communities that we serve. The grant can be used for nearly any project as long as it improves learning.

Past awards have varied from arts projects, to hard science initiatives, to language programs.  Our grants have funded two student-run businesses that have executed state and nationwide projects!  We have helped a school to bring their theater back to its former glory and have funded an aquaponics lab.  Several schools have used the funds to increase technology by building iPad labs and adding Smartboards in the classroom.

There are only about six more weeks until the program stops taking applications (March 1st), so get started now!   You can download the application and find out more on our website.  To view other projects, click here.

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