Congratulations Creighton High School for winning the 2013 Fall Sports Contest on GPC-TV Channel 2!

Schools participating in the contest sent in video replays of fall sporting events which were then aired on channel 2. Local sporting events are a big favorite of our Cable customers and we were happy to bring so much local sports coverage to their TV’s.

Creighton High School had over 25 events aired during the fall sports season which earned the athletic department first place and $650. A check was presented to Activities Director Randy Kliment by GPC-TV’s very own Programming Manager Casey Garrigan and local Great Plains Communications employee Mike Zerbe. Be sure to check out all the Bulldog action on GPC-TV now featuring Weather on Channel 2.

You can also check out sports from high schools in a range of our communities during the entire school year on GPC-TV.  You can check on the availability of GPC-TV in your area by looking at our channel guides.  The local channel is a benefit just for our Cable customers and can’t be accessed with any other Cable provider.  If you want to get local sports coverage, you can call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483.

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