Have you had internet outages that slowed or even halted your business operations?

For example, did your internet unexpectedly go down and your point-of-sale and credit card terminals stopped working, which subsequently brought sales to a halt? Or, have you ever lost access to cloud services that are critical to your daily operations? Keep in mind that if you host servers on-site that are accessed over the internet, those servers will not be accessible without internet.

To enable small businesses to continue operations in the event of an internet outage, Great Plains Communications offers fully managed wireless Internet backup service.

GPC’s affordable and fully managed wireless LTE backup solution can be installed and operational in a matter of minutes.

GPC’s Wireless Internet Backup Highlights

  • Monitored and managed by GPC’s 24x7x365 Network Operations Center. Features backup wireless LTE services from the largest national carriers.
  • Software automatically selects the LTE service with the best signal strength and quality at the customer’s location if an issue with the primary connection is detected. There is an automatic switchover to an AT&T or Verizon 4G wireless LTE connection. Once services are restored, the primary Internet connection will switch back automatically.
  • Mission-critical applications are prioritized if an outage occurs.
  • Optional backup batteries keep your business operating for up to 8 hours runtime during a power outage.
  • GPC Wireless Backup is a high value service at an affordable and competitive price.
  • Includes up to 1 GB monthly data usage.

To learn more about GPC Wireless LTE Backup Service protection, visit gpcom.com/business/#products-services or contact the Great Plains Communications customer response center at (888) 343–8014.

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