Over the next few weeks, students will graduate high school and college throughout the state of Nebraska. It’s a time for celebration for many students and their parents.  Fortunately the grads of today make commemorating the event easier than ever.  Thanks to their constant sharing on social media, making a meaningful recording of their time in school is surprisingly simple.

Take Advantage of Facebook and Blurb: Blurb allows you to take any collection of Facebook photos and make it into a wonderful album.  The marriage of these two sites is perfect to commemorate senior year for a grad.   You will be able to add captions and adjust the layout to your preference and the book can be shipped to your home in a matter of days.


Create a Video Slideshow:  Animoto will let you take your photos and create a dynamic slideshow out of your digital pictures.  These videos are great to add to email announcements or display at a graduation party. Plus, since the video is downloadable, it is a great digital keepsake.

Invest in a premium LinkedIn account: New grads are likely current job seekers.  A premium LinkedIn account can help graduates find contacts, make connections to hiring managers, and search for jobs much more effectively. It may not have the emotional impact of a video montage, but when they land their dream job, it will be just as memorable.

We would like to congratulate all graduating seniors!  If you have a grad in your house, we invite you to say congrats in the comment section below!

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