There always seems to be a special glimmer on New Year’s Eve, if it is the abundance of sequins adorning the festive attire or the idea of a fresh start in the new-year. Whatever it is that you are excited for, Great Plains Communications wants to help your evening shine a little brighter with these helpful tips from our cable channels, Food Network and HGTV.

Opening Champagne

Ever had to take cover when someone opened up a bottle of champagne? Or have you even put a dent in your wall from the explosive cork? Here is an easier and safer way to enjoy the bubbly adult beverage.


Pan-Fried Onion Dip

You can’t go wrong with finger-foods on New Year’s Eve. They allow people to mingle and ring in the new-year without the hassle of utensils and the mess of a full meal. Here is a simple Pan-Fried Onion Dip from the Food Network’s, Barefoot Contessa.


How to Assemble a Cheese Plate

To go along with our easy finger-food theme this New Year’s Eve, here are some easy tips for assembling a cheese plate from HGTV. Many people overthink the assortment, but here you see there is no reason to stress.


Happy New Year from Great Plains Communications!

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