Have you had the chance to check out MeTV, one of the newest channels on our updated Cable lineup?

MeTV brings its viewers the best in classic television & iconic programs that rank among the more revered shows of all time. MeTV is the only place to see award-winning shows such as M.A.S.H., The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Rockford Files, Ironside, and many more. They also show science-fiction favorites such as Star Trek, Lost in Space, and The Twilight Zone.  Fans of TVLand will really enjoy the wealth of programming provided by MeTV!

In addition to a vast amount of scheduled programming, MeTV also has hundreds of hours of On-Demand programming that you can stream right from its website using your High-Speed Internet.  Programs such as The Lucy Show, The Donna Reed Show, and The Saint are all available whenever you want to watch.  You can also stream a wide variety of movies from MeTV’s video vault.  Currently, the vault features a wide selection of Westerns for you to enjoy.
*In some markets Channel 10/11 network programming replaces MeTV in the evenings. This is a decision made solely on the the network and we have no part in this decision.

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