We finally got the word! The first two Husker games will be aired on the Big Ten Network!  You can find out what channel the Big Ten Network and BTN HD air on in your area here.

Since we’re talking about the Big Ten Network; we have received several questions about how the Big Ten Network chooses what games to play and how its regional coverage works.

While the Big Ten Network is a national network, it is separated into regional channels.  This way each regional channel can air games featuring the teams that are located within that particular region.  For example, Nebraska and Iowa residents will normally see Husker and Hawkeye games instead of Ohio St. games.  It allows them to air the most relevant games to the highest number of fans.

The Big Ten Conference, which owns the BTN, also has deals with several other national networks including ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and CBS.  These networks will select what Big Ten games they would like to air nationally.  When a game is aired on one of these networks, it will NOT be on the Big Ten Network since networks prefer exclusivity.

No matter what, you are still going to see a lot more Husker football than in years past.   In the 2008 football season 86 out of 88 Big 10 football games were nationally televised, according to the Big 10 Network website.  The Big XII only had approximately 70 percent of their games televised nationally.

We’ve also made it easier than ever for Great Plains Communications Cable Service customers to find out where and when the Huskers are playing.

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