How was your customer’s experience after they interacted with your business? Would they recommend your products and services to friends and family or, advise them to go elsewhere?

The customer experience, or CX, is how your company can differentiate from your competitors.

At one time most business interactions were conducted face-to-face or over the phone. Yet as our lives have become increasingly digital, our customers want to choose how they connect. It still may be by placing a phone call, but increasingly it’s online, via mobile phone, desktop, tablet, or other devices.

Customers today expect to connect billions of devices to the internet in near real-time, with no lag or buffering. A reliable network is essential to staying connected with branch locations, employees and customers. The demand and need for reliable internet service has never been greater.

Network automation is a big trend in the customer experience. For example, we are leveraging technology for self-service tools. We want to enable our customers to do business with us in whichever manner works best for them.

At Great Plains Communications every customer counts. Whether it’s a residential customer, a business customer, a new customer, or a long-term customer, we focus on the end-to-end customer experience developing personal, ongoing relationships with our customers and the communities we serve.

We love building business technology partnerships!

Great Plains Communications is proud to offer a suite of business services to companies like Nest:Space in Kearney, Nebraska. Nest:Space is a shared office space for remote employees, entrepreneurs or anyone else who needs an office. Brian Valdrinos, the community manager for Nest:Space premiere coworking, describes his primary role as “making sure our members have the most productive work day possible, every single day.”

According to Brian, “The Great Place Communications local team has helped tremendously through the process of when we first started in Nest:Space to where we are now.”

Fiber technology plays a huge role in Nest:Space. A consistent WiFi connection is vital, along with bandwidth that can easily scale as they gain more members. “We would not be able to operate if it wasn’t for Great Plains Communication,” stated Brian.

As for any challenges that Great Plains Communications has assisted with, Brian says, “They’ve lowered our stress when it comes to contacting a local team or contacting support. They get the issues if we have any, they get those straight away and fixed. And when we just need to reach out for questions, they’re always quick to respond as well.”

Learn how Brian Valdrinos, the community manager for Nest:Space, depends on Great Plains Communications for reliable and fast fiber Internet, 24×7.

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