Holiday gatherings are quite different this year. Perhaps they are smaller, but they aren’t non-existent as some join in via their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So get your family and friends involved and stay connected as you start some new holiday traditions.

Virtual Backgrounds

Your Zoom gatherings can be fun, but first things first. There may be members in your group who don’t know how to customize their background for a Zoom call. Remind them to simply sign in to Zoom, click virtual background and select an image. Or, click “Add Image” to get creative and personalize.

The Great Holiday Family Virtual Bake Off

On your marks, get set, bake! Should it be a friendly competition where everyone attempts the same recipe? Or, maybe whoever traditionally brings a special dessert or dish could demonstrate to everyone else via Zoom how they make their secret recipe.

Virtual White Elephant Gift Exchange

Whether it’s a family tradition or an annual office event, here are ways to roll out a Virtual White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Charades, Bingo, Twitch, and Star Wars Trivia 

Play Zoom charades or designate a caller and host a virtual bingo game. There are also plenty of free printable bingo sheets online. Have a video game competition on Twitch.  For fans of The Force, there’s Star Wars Trivia which you can categorize according to sequels, prequels, the OT (original trilogy), or the TV shows. Hint: check out the Star Wars website for those who could use a refresh. Of course, any gamers who snag a PlayStation 5 may have their own plans.

Christmas Movies Marathon

The “Countdown to Christmas” on the Hallmark Channel has 45+ movies for your Christmas cheer. A return to Bedford Falls to re-watch It’s a Wonderful Life is a pretty great holiday tradition too.

The Virtual World and the Real World  

We don’t need research to tell us that spending time outdoors is good for our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. Hiking is aptly called “Mother Nature’s Miracle Medicine,” with the three “R’s: refreshing, rejuvenating, restorative. Whether it’s gardening or simply talking a walk outside, balance the digital world with spending time in nature.

Remember Local Families in Need

As you’re grocery shopping or ordering groceries for pickup/delivery over the holidays, consider adding a few extra nonperishable items to your cart. Many community charities that serve local families in need are holding their annual food drives now and are always appreciative of your donations.

Wishing each of you a wonderful holiday season!

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