We have all been there, when we accidentally drop our cell phone in a sink of water or on a hard surface that the case just can’t win against. Due to different circumstances, it can take days or weeks to come by a backup phone and being without access to a phone can be very inconvenient. Great Plains Communications wants to share a few of our favorite ways to make phone calls using the Internet!

In the instance of not having a working phone, using the following programs would allow you to either call computer to phone or computer to another computer.

Google Voice

Unlike other programs that require you to have an app, Google Voice allows users to make calls to actual phone numbers from their computer and it is free for calls within the United States and to Canada. Google Voice will give you a free phone number and also has SMS, conference call and voice mail services. Note that calls through Google Voice are limited to three hours, however you are not restricted from calling the number back after the time limit.


Poptox is another way to make free phone calls from your computer to mobile and landline phones. While calling mobile numbers in the United States are free, you can also call internationally for a small charge per call. All you do is simply go onto their website, dial the number you wish to call, and hit the call button.

IMPORTANT: These Internet calling programs can help you make calls; though they are not able to make 911 or similar emergency calls. If you need to call 911, you will need to use a land-line, mobile phone, or a VoIP telephone service that’s approved for 911 use.

While these programs are convenient when in a bind, the only way of getting a truly 100% reliable phone connection is through a corded phone plugged into a wall-mounted phone jack. If you would like the stability of always having a landline phone connection and would like to learn more about Great Plains Communications phone services, check out our website or call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 today.

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