Recently Great Plains Communications has become aware of an ongoing scam in the McCook, NE area. There have been reports of individuals going door-to-door selling what they claim to be Great Plains Communications services. The company would like to make it clear that these individuals are in no way associated with Great Plains Communications. If you ever encounter these individuals or other questionable door-to-door salesmen, do not hesitate to ask for their permit, which they are all legally required to have in McCook. If you ever feel you are in danger from and unknown person soliciting or trying to enter the property, call local law enforcement right away.

For your information moving forward, we have listed a few ways you can verify you are working with a genuine Great Plains Communications technician:

  • There will be a company logo on their shirt.
  • All company trucks are marked with the logo.
  • They all have a Great Plains Communications identification card.
  • Techs will never sell directly. They are there to do installations or repairs.

Great Plains Communications wants all of our customers to feel safe, so please call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 if you are ever in doubt or have questions about a situation.

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