We live in a technology driven world, trying to grasp onto culture and tradition in hope of passing it down to the next generation. The holidays are a time when we area surrounded by traditions and a large piece of that lives in the charming belief of Santa Claus. While cell phones, tablets and video games may litter their wish lists, children still look to the jolly ol’ man, with the white fluffy beard, in the same red suit driven by the same nine reindeer to deliver their presents Christmas Eve night.

Great Plains Communications wants to provide you a way to combine our tech-savvy world with the enchantment of Santa Claus. Our three favorite virtual Santa websites this year are:

With Portable North Pole, you can make a FREE basic package video personalized to your child. You first upload a picture of them, from either Facebook or your computer. Then you fill out some information, including the child’s name (with pronunciation), gender and birthday. From there you answer more detailed questions to make the video as believable as possible. The end product is delightfully personal to the child and a perfect way to top off their excitement for the season.

The Official NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) Santa Tracker is the original Santa tracking program, dating back almost 60 years. It offers games, videos and information, combined with colorful and friendly graphics. As Christmas Eve approaches, new games are unlocked and the countdown ticks by. 

Google has stepped up to the challenge, rivaling NORAD in the Santa Tracking business. It offers a more universal experience, from a language translator offering multiple ways of saying our favorite holiday slogans, to a customizable Santa phone call.

The big day is approaching fast, and no matter if you choose NORAD, Google or some other Santa tracking website, Great Plains Communications hopes you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

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