Empowering local nonprofits with resources to make a difference.

IMPACT is a community development program created by Great Plains Communications to encourage nonprofit organizations to undertake projects that have a positive community IMPACT. Participating local organizations possess direct knowledge of community needs and are in the best position to create a meaningful solution. “How can we help?” is the seed that can grow into an IMPACT Project.

To participate, an organization simply determines the project it feels will create the biggest IMPACT, develops a project plan and submits its ideas through an IMPACT application. Funds will be provided once the project has been approved by Great Plains Communications. With each project success, IMPACT provides an ongoing opportunity to increase engagement, create solutions, serve needs, and enhance the community.

Participation Criteria

Only eligible organizations may participate in IMPACT. Eligible organizations are nonprofit groups with 501(c)(3) status. All participating organizations must follow the IMPACT Terms and Conditions.

    Application Timeline

    IMPACT Project applications will be accepted from July 13 to September 10, 2021. Project approvals will be provided no later than 15 days after Great Plains Communications receives the application.

    Application Instructions

    Interested organizations must complete the attached application form in its entirety. Applications and any questions regarding the IMPACT program can be submitted to [email protected].

    Applications can also be mailed to 1635 Front Street, Blair, NE 68008.

    Contact Great Plains Communications

    Have questions about the IMPACT program? Get in touch with us! Give us a call today at 402-456-9511 or send an email by clicking the button below!

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