History Charts the Future

Back in 1910 when Great Plains Communications was starting out as a local telephone company in Creighton, Nebraska, phones were connected by manual switchboard exchanges. Fast forward to the present. The communication technology of today and tomorrow is linked to our ability to deploy fiber infrastructure across the country.

Through the years, our company has always followed a forward-thinking philosophy to keep up with the evolution of communication technology. In the latest edition of ISE Magazine, Great Plains Communications’ CEO, Todd Foje, shares his thoughts on how GPC is adding to and evolving its offerings to ensure customers can always reliably communicate and keep pace with innovation.

Here’s a quick preview of topics covered in the article:

What are 3 of GPC’s top network-related priorities in 2021?

  • Adding capacity.
  • Ensuring continued 99.999% reliability on our core.
  • Expanding fiber services further into both rural and urban areas.

What are some creative solutions GPC is employing to help FTTx-to-Everywhere efforts?

  • GPC’s Carrier and Wholesale division serves all major national wireless providers and several regional providers by deploying Fiber-to-the Tower (FTTH) to support 5G and other up-and-coming technologies. We also deploy fiber through our own construction company, Great Plains Underground Construction (GPUC).

Other areas discussed are managing operating and network costs; executing network automation, specifically to the level of Autonomous Networks (AN); end-user trends; why cultural transformation is as important as technical transformation and much more.

“It is important to never let yourself or your company become complacent. Technology never sleeps and is always transforming and changing. Providers have to be constantly looking toward the future, monitoring the industry, and learning from their customers. The pace of change in our industry is not slowing down.” 

Todd Foje

CEO, Great Plains Communications

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