So you read our post on why your small business needs a website (right?) and your company now has on-line presence.  So, it’s time to take the next step and figure out just how your customers are using your website and what you can do to make it even more likely to drive sales, which is the reason you started the site in the first place, right?

That’s where analytics comes in.  Analytics is the scary-sounding new buzzword being thrown around all over the business world but it really just refers to all of the data that is collected about visitors to your site.  This data can provide a wealth of information that can help you provide better services to your customers.

When you have a strong data gathering program you can discover a wealth of information.  For example, you can find out what city they live in, which can let you know where to invest your advertising dollars. It can also let you know what pages are being visited most, which may let you know where to put the most important information and promotions.

E-commerce sites can also track what items are being purchased and also what items are being viewed but passed over.  This data is especially important for companies who conduct actual sales through their website but it can also help businesses who prefer to make sales offline.

While installing tracking software that will collect this data can require knowledge of web coding, it doesn’t have to be that hard.  Here at Great Plains Communications, we offer a full analytics package for every website we host.

Want to find out more about what analytics can do for you?  Ask a question in the comments section or check out our web hosting experts at

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