It’s Severe Weather Awareness Week and we’re making sure that our customers know that they have a great option for staying on top of storms and tornadoes.

If you haven’t seen GPC-TV recently, you may have noticed our new weather service.  It’s called Weather on Channel 2 and it provides 24/7 access to up-to-date weather information.  Weather on Channel 2 tracks weather at the national and local level to ensure that residents are able to see severe weather when (and sometimes before) it strikes.

The feature also uses easy to understand color guides to alert viewers of severe weather.  The feature will shift the general color of the channel to yellow if there is a watch issued and also to red if there is a severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warning in the area.

Plus, the weather featured on GPC-TV is the most local weather that you have access to.  We know how important hyper-local weather is during severed weather that may affect a small, but substantial area.

You do have to be a Great Plains Communications Cable subscriber to have access to GPC-TV and Weather on Channel 2.  If you want to sign-up, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483BsAt4ube4GblQIAAAAASUVORK5CYII=.

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