If you haven’t shot your video for our Great Tech Video Contest, it’s about time!

Now, we know that the idea of shooting a video might be nerve-wracking for some, but you might be surprised just how easy it can be!

For instance, you might not think that you have a camera available to shoot your video featuring our favorite Great Plains Communications’ technician.  However, if you have any smart phone built in the last few years, you have a working video camera right at your fingertips (literally).  Many digital cameras can also take up to ten minutes of video, which is plenty of time to tell your story!

Others may be concerned about video editing.  Fear not!  If you aren’t a whiz with editing software, you don’t need it.  A direct-to-camera retelling of your story can be very compelling.

This video contest isn’t about your camera-work.  It’s about getting our customers to put the amazing stories that they share with us on tape.  From restoring Internet in the middle of a snow storm to making sure Cable service is installed before Husker Saturday, our techs care about customers and it shows in their service.

So, please, take a little time out of your day to share your story with us.  It only takes a few minutes and then you are entered to win one of our really great prizes.  They include a brand new HDTV, a digital camera, and a grand prize Samsung tablet!

To find the full rules and regulations for the contest, click here.

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