Great Plains Communications wants to recognize all the moms out there, by highlighting the impact they make on the world through their children. Maybe she was a teacher of baking or a tour guide on the family trip to the beach. Mothers make the world fun, fascinating, delicious, exciting and smart. Through every lesson, game and kiss goodnight, mothers make the world beautiful. We want to give back to the mothers this Mother’s Day, providing a little pampering that they deserve.

If you are a mother, all you have to do is upload a picture of a time when you made an impact on your child’s life. It could have been a family vacation, helping them learn something new, or even just goofing around the house. With your submission and a short caption, you will be entered to win a beautiful Luxury Spa Baskets.

Luxury Spa Basket includes vanilla scented body lotion, bath gel, body scrub, body butter, bath salts, hand soap, a cotton towel, body scrubbers, a pair of slippers, sweet butter cookies and caramels. All worth approximately $90.

Be sure to watch our Facebook page on Monday, May 2, when the contest officially begins to view full instructions on entering and uploading your photos.

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