We live in a technology driven world, with friends, businesses and online information all at our fingertips. Our lives have become a constant stream of emails and newsfeeds connected between multiple devices. Great Plains Communications wants to make sure you understand just where those connections are going and that they are all protected, with our Tech Home service.

The program provides world-class security for all your devices, home and on the go, with web security and antivirus systems. Gone away is the worry of lost files when your device crashes or gets damaged. With Tech Home you will be able to sync and back up all your files, photos, contacts and additional important information. No matter where you are, or which Wi-Fi you connect to, Tech Home will have you covered with a cloud-based protection keeping your personal information secure and convenient. With round-the-clock technicians, you will always be provided with help to setup, test, fix and enjoy your network.

Tech Home is the support you are looking for and the protection you need. For more information on the new product, call 1-855-853-1483 or visit our website at https://gpcom.com/residential/internet/tech-home-device-protection/.

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