School’s out and that means more time at home and more screen time. Our children rightfully deserve a break after months of schoolwork, but that doesn’t mean they can’t explore learning in fun, new and safe ways. There are plentiful resources that allow children to enjoy learning and safely watch television and other entertainment media. Some things to consider when looking for apps to download on your child’s tablet or device are what features it offers, what you’re hoping your child will gain from having this app, price, safety measures and engagement. Here are some apps that meet a range of household needs:


Khan Academy: This app is great for kids of all ages. The app has most school topics ranging from Khan Academy Kids where there is “Circle Time” and at-home lesson plans to AP Macroeconomics for your twelfth grader! It is completely free and individually customized for your children’s learning support.


Epic!: Epic! is Kindle Unlimited for kids. Make the best of screen time to encourage reading on the go or for the 40,000 plus library catalogue at their disposal. Introduce them to audiobooks from Scholastic Kids, National Geographic and PBS Kids. There’s so much to explore in the Epic! App. Price: One month free, then $11.99/monthly.


Nick Jr.: The Nick Jr. app is available on iOS, Android App and Amazon App Store. Although the app is free, having cable service allows you to have exclusive access to Nick Jr. games and educational videos. Kids can enjoy full, free episodes of the channel provider’s television content and play educational games.


Homer Learn & Grow: For households that have multiple children and different devices, the Homer Learn & Grow app is designed to have multi-user access with different profiles. You are able to add up to four profiles and it is available on iOS and Android. When you first sign up, there are personalized themes and subjects that help your child enjoy learning while away from school. Price: One month free, then $4.99/month.


For households with cable television this summer, parental controls vary depending on the provider. Parental controls help regulate safe access to kid-friendly television shows and content. Users with GPC iTV can create a PIN from the app to enable parental control. Each time mature content is played the pin must be entered. To learn more about GPC iTV, and how Great Plains Communications can provide your household’s television needs, click here. Visit our website for more information about the Internet speeds you need all year round at

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