Just about everyone knows about calling features such as voicemail and call waiting.  But did you know Great Plains Communications offers many other features for your home phone? Here are just a few options that you might not be aware of:

Personal Ringing: This feature allows you to have up to three personal ringtones.  Mom, Dad and kids can all have their own ringtone!

Warm Line: This telephone lines offers instant connection and protection.  A warm line is a phone line that is set to dial one number simply by lifting the handset.  It’s great for young kids who need a direct line to their parents or for older parents who need fast access to emergency services.



Speed Calling:  This feature allows you to keep up to 30 numbers programmed directly into your home phone.  This feature is great for those who love the convenience of saved contacts in their cell phone, but prefer better call quality in their home.

Want to see all of our options?  Visit our calling feature webpage, now.  What is your favorite calling feature?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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