76806758Every years millions of Americans make and break their New Year’s resolution.  If you are still looking to make a positive change in your life in 2014, we suggest that you “go green” with Paperless Billing and simplify your life with Auto-Pay.

As a Great Plains Communications’ customer, you have access to eBill, an online platform that allows you to see and pay your current bill, track your long distance minutes, and view your payment history.  Auto-Pay, which you set-up with eBill, will allow you to set-up an automatic monthly deduction for your Great Plains Communications’ services.  You’ll have one less bill to pay and never worry about late fees.

eBill also makes Paperless Billing a great decision!  You can save the paper of one more bill while maintaining access to your bill whenever and wherever you are.

To sign-up for either, click here.  Get started on making this year, the easiest ever for your Cable bill!

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