We pride ourselves on being able to service communities across Nebraska, with technicians not only working in those communities but truly being a part of them. We would like to take the time each month to spotlight these wonderful employees who lend a helping hand both in and out of the office.

We’re starting it off with one of Great Plains Communications’ (GPC) newest employees, Travis Arduser. Travis has been with the company for just about three and a half months, working out of the Wisner office. When asked what his favorite part of the job is, he responded, “Being on the construction part of (the job), its being able to work outside and do something different every day. You never get in a routine.”

Not originally from the area, Travis moved around from Osmond, West Point and Laurel, NE before finding his way to Wisner. He and his wife Sonya have found a community they feel fits their family of five with one of his favorite parts being, “that we have a very good school system, I feel very good about sending my kids to the Wisner-Pilger Schools.” The Arduser family enjoys spending time fishing, as well as traveling through summer months showing each of their well-groomed 4H pigs.

So if you are in Travis’ neck of the woods, we encourage you to say hi! Great Plains Communications is a family-owned, Nebraska-owned company and we couldn’t do it without our techs and their families. Help us in thanking Travis for his hard work and dedication to the company and Wisner community.

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