You may have noticed changes to our channel lineup.  We have added several new channels to our Cable programming and are looking into even more options.  Since we have added so much new programming, we wanted to take some time to get you familiar with the new channels.  We will be spotlighting our new programming in the coming weeks here on the blog.  Stay tuned and you may just find your new favorite channel!

Today, we’re spotlighting Boomerang.  This family-friendly channel actually started as part of the lineup on Cartoon Network, but eventually became so popular that it was spun off into its own channel. Boomerang specializes in reruns of animated programming from Time Warner’s extensive archives, including pre-1986 MGMHanna-Barbera, the pre-1991 library of Ruby-Spears,  and Warner Bros. Animation.  This includes popular cartoons such as Scooby Doo, Garfield, and Duck Dodgers.

Unlike Cartoon Network, you won’t find adult programming that isn’t suitable for kids (or many adults).  Boomerang is 100% family-friendly and safe for everyone from the kids to grandpa. For those who enjoy channels such as Disney Jr. or Nick Jr., it is a great fit.  To see if Boomerang has been added in your area, check out our updated Channel Cards here.

We hope that you will take some time to get to know one of our newest networks.  If you have a favorite cartoon on Boomerang, let us know in the comments section, below!


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