We’re pleased to announce that, once again, a student from one of our communities has won a national scholarship!

Deshler Public High School student Jenscena Hansen has received a $1,000 scholarship from The Foundation for Rural Education and Development (FRED), a national charitable foundation aimed at promoting academic achievement in rural areas.  The award is given based on merit and a commitment to rural life.

A recently graduated senior, Hansen was an exemplary student who also devoted her time to extra-curricular and volunteer events.  Hansen was a member of the Deshler high school band and jazz band.  She assisted in food drives, recycling programs, town beautification initiatives and youth sports.  Hansen also served as an usher at her church.  She intends to attend Clarkson College in the fall.

The FRED scholarship requires a sponsorship from a telecommunications company to be eligible.  Hansen was sponsored by local provider Great Plains Communications.  Students sponsored by Great Plains Communications have consistently been awarded FRED scholarships despite the high-level of competition.

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