Internet traffic volume continues to climb with no signs of slowing down as more and more of our lives are conducted online. Online meetings and screen sharing, IoT applications, gaming, streaming services and cloud solutions, as well as the need for more bandwidth for voice and data services, means that our customers require access to abundant network services that can easily scale according to their requirements.

Therefore, it’s vital for Great Plains Communications to establish secure and reliable connections that enable network traffic to come from all over the country. Traffic must also be at the lowest possible latency so customers can access their networks as needed. Bandwidth bottlenecks are unacceptable.

Great Plains Communications provides dependable connectivity for fiber-based communications services to our customers throughout the Midwest and extending across our 11-state footprint. The connecting point of the U.S. North/South and East/West fiber routes, as well as a crucial point of connection to other local, regional, national and international carriers for Great Plains Communications is located in Omaha, Nebraska: 1623 Farnam.


Where the internet connects

1623 Farnam is the premier interconnection facility in the central U.S. for fiber and wireless network providers, major cloud and content delivery networks (CDNs), and Fortune 500 enterprises. Home to one of the world’s largest cloud providers, 1623 Farnam is also host to the most geographically centered Internet Exchange in the U.S., the Omaha Internet Exchange (IX).  Access to these cross-country routes has allowed Great Plains Communications to not only provide our customers with unmatched connectivity, but allows us to offer customers access to bandwidth as needed while avoiding network congestion.

Great Plains Communications is also able to leverage our relationship with 1623 Farnam and other industry experts associated with the site on the most beneficial cloud connectivity options to meet our clients’ unique needs. Customers can access indirect cloud connections via 1623 Farnam and its relationship with cloud providers such as Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, Telia Carrier, Megaport and others.

1623 is indeed a key technology partner of Great Plains Communications.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits 1623 Farnam has to offer your business, please contact [email protected]. Watch the process!

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