One of our goals with GPC-FLASH is to highlight great content on the web and share it with our customers.  Today, we’re highlighting, the website of a great organization that features inspiring stories of the great work of Nebraska public schools from around the state.

Given our deep commitment to public education in the communities that we serve, “Nebraska Loves Public Schools” is right up our alley.  In fact, just last year we helped put them in touch with the Arnold High School Graphics Program when they were looking for great stories from Western Nebraska.  Back then the site featured just a handful of videos.  Now the site boasts plenty of great stories about public schools and features a community where others can get involved!  If you are passionate about education in your area, this is a great place to go and work with others from around the state.

If your area public school has an amazing program that you think should be highlighted, then this is the perfect website for you!  They are always looking for unique programs to showcase from around the state.  Thanks to the wonderful submissions that our grant program receives every year, we know that there are rural schools across the state that are using cutting edge technology and fresh ideas to help students achieve every day.  So we know that there are plenty of examples out there!  (By the way, our grant program is just around the corner, so start thinking about your schools next big idea!)

What do you think of a program like this?  Let us know in the comments section below.


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