In recent blog post about the benefit of health websites, we mentioned that 84% of those 56-64 had sought out health information online.    It turns out that those who are 55 or older use the Internet quite often.  Here are some  interesting facts about how those who are 55+ use the Internet from a recent Pew Research Center Report.

55 happyuserimage

Commerce: More than 2/3 purchase products and make their travel plans online.  More than half bank online.

Getting Information: More than 75% of those who are 56-64 years old get at least part of their news online.  Not surprising given that you can now find papers ranging in size from the Wall Street Journal to the Crofton Leader online.

Producing content: Nearly half of those who are 56-64 have written a review of a product on sites such as,, and more.

(all graphs are presented as percentages)

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