It’s a new year and CES® has shown no delay in presenting the exciting new gadgets of 2016. With functions ranging from a robot dog that plays soccer and recognizes its owner to an alarm clock that will wake you with your favorite scent, there are some intriguing things hitting the CES floor. Below, Great Plains Communications has highlighted just a few of our favorite gadgets hitting store shelves this year.

  1. CHiP Robotic Dog

Imagine a dog that can fetch and learn from you without the cleanup outside. That is what you will find in CHiP the Robotic Dog. With an app on your phone, there is a multitude of tricks to teach him and the more you interact, the more he recognizes you as his owner. Retailing for $200, CHiP will arrive on store shelves later this year.

  1. Belty Good Vibes Smart Belt

You have probably seen or even own a bracelet that tracks your steps and heartrate, but what if that was through your fashionable belt? And it doesn’t stop there. Not only does the Belty Good Vibes track your fitness progress, but it will help you along the way. Alerts will be sent if you need to drink more water or sit up straight. It will also help with relaxing breathing exercises. “Belty is the only intuitive and antonomous wearable that integrates artificial intelligence to promote a healthy lifestyle,” and all while looking like a sleek leather belt that you will want to wear.

  1. Sensorwake Alarm Clock

Have you struggled to find a setting on your phone or alarm clock that doesn’t wake you up with a startle? Get rid of the blaring beep or static radio and wake up to the scent of coffee or even chocolate with Sensorwake.


These are just a few of the many gadgets being premiered through CES. Check out more here on CBS News:

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