The holiday season is in full swing and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite new techie gifts for the holiday season.  From Internet-enabled devices to the new “old-school” look of Polaroid, we’ve got you covered!

Internet-Enabled TVs: These types TVs have been on the market for a while, but are coming into their own thanks to companies like Google and their latest product Google TV.  As a standalone TV or set-top box, Google TV allows you to watch Netflix, YouTube, even your own home movies on your TV.  It also creates personalized viewing suggestions using its powerful algorithms.  Of course, this TV also provides a crystal-clear picture to enjoy your Cable TV as well!

The New Polaroid Camera: Remember the satisfaction of snapping a picture and watching it immediately develop?  Polaroid’s latest offering recreates that experience with its new no-ink 14Mp camera that can instantly print a copy of your photo in the old-school Polaroid format.  You still get the benefits of a traditional digital camera, as well. Plug the camera into the computer and you can upload custom borders and share photos online!

Tablets (That aren’t the iPad): In the past month, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have introduced tablets that range from $199 to $249.  Far cheaper than the starting price of the IPad2 at $599.  Both the Amazon Kindle Fire ($199) and the Nook Tablet ($249) have access to enormous book and video stores and have access to thousands of applications.  Both also have access to the Internet, email and more.  Find a full comparison here.

Of course, the more Internet-enabled devices in your home, the more bandwidth you’re potentially using at any minute.  Make sure you maximize your bandwidth by finding great tips here.  Ready to increase your speed?  Call our Customer Response Center at 1-888-343-4014 to find out what’s available in your area.

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