You may have recently heard that DIRECTV is currently in a dispute with Viacom.  The disagreement has led to DIRECTV dropping Viacom owned channels including MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.

While we understand the frustration of DIRECTV customers who have lost some of their favorite channels, we also understand why DIRECTV chose to stand firm against Viacom.

The fact is, companies like Viacom have created a system where their demands create significant fees for Cable customers.   Essentially these companies “package” a range of channels, some popular and some not, and then demand that Cable companies carry the entire package of channels.  However, unlike Great Plains Communications, which lowers pricing as it bundles more options, these channels can often be more expensive since the providing company can leverage the more popular channels.  In essence, the Cable company and the Cable consumer are forced to pay for channels that may not even want.

It’s a system that only benefits one party and it’s not the consumer.  If you are a frustrated DIRECTV customer living in a Great Plains Communications area, you can call our Customer Response Center at 1.855.853.1483 for information about our Cable offerings.

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