October is known for the start of the fall season, Halloween, pumpkins, scary movies and more. Fall activities make for a good time but it can quickly be ruined by some sort of cyber emergency. In addition to all the zombies, witches and ghosts to watch out for this month you should also monitor your cyber self.

That’s why October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the 2022 theme is “See Yourself in Cyber.”

At all times you should be aware of your digital footprint and defend your network. This allows you to recognize all the avenues in which you use the Internet and the discrepancy gaps that might exist. For individuals who don’t know much about technology it’s as simple as using a strong password for your accounts and enabling a multifactor authentication on sensitive information such as bank accounts and social media. Another way to protect your network is to report all scams. Scams come in your email, text messages and on social media pretending to be someone you know or follow.

It’s important to recognize what is a digital scam and how to report it. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has some common fraud schemes to look out for. You can report any cyber compromises to the Internet Crime Complaint Center or a local bureau.

For others who are tech-savvy, seeing yourself in cyber may extend from the home into the work force. Instilling strong cybersecurity such as data protection, privacy, risk and compliance, networking and more is helpful concerning an organization.

No matter the cyber spheres you access, your cyber self is important as telehealth initiatives grow, remote learning, hybrid work environments, gaming and smart home connectivity comes to the forefront of our lives. All these Internet avenues have the potential to expose us to cybersecurity gaps. Remember to update your software system as needed because it will help protect your devices and prevent security issues.

“See Yourself in Cyber” this October and don’t let the ghosts in your home or your devices.

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