It’s always been common sense that the High-Speed Internet could help students with school.  Now a new report proves it to be true! According to the 2013 Digital Future Report, 40% of parents surveyed reported that their children had experienced an increase in grades through the use of the Internet.

The Internet can be a great tool for students of all ages in regards to schoolwork, particularly those in rural or small town atmospheres.  From long distance learning opportunities, to online tutoring, to access to academic journals from around the nation, the Internet can provide students with a wealth of assistance.  The trend goes beyond high school.  In order for a student to be college-ready, they must be well-versed in using the Internet for school.  In fact, according to a recent Mashable article, 73% of college aged students stated that technology and the Internet were vital for academic performance.

With the rise of video as an educational tool, access to stable, High-Speed Internet is becoming even more important. For example, if you enter calculus tutoring into YouTube, more than 10,000 helpful videos appear.  Even if a teacher isn’t nearby, there still is an instructor that can help. From math to science to English, there are hundreds of thousands of videos to help students learn.

Of course, not all web surfing is conducive to studying.  There are many distractions on the Internet that can steal your student’s focus in the blink of a Facebook post.  It’s important to put limits on when and how kids can access certain sites.  Some parental experts suggest using social sites, such as Facebook, as a reward for finishing homework or excelling at a project.  Even Facebook can be helpful in moderation!  Kids have been known to seek advice from other students even while chatting.

Has your successful student used the Internet to excel?  Share your story in our comments section below!

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