High-Speed Internet

A fast, reliable connection.

Our Forward Thinking technology delivers the modern connectivity and speed you need. The average U.S. household contains 5.7 wireless devices, including smartphones, tablets, iPads, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and over the top streaming equipment. If your Internet connection is like a highway: the more traffic that is on the road, the more congested and slow the experience becomes. Internet traffic works the same way. When multiple devices are running simultaneously, bandwidth is used up quickly, and a traffic jam can occur, resulting in buffering and lag. The more devices you are running, the more speed you will need. Great Plains Communications provides the high-speed you need to enjoy today’s technology at a price that fits your lifestyle.

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internet 3

30 Mbps 

  • Basic web browsing
  • Email
  • Minimal streaming activity
  • Average size downloads/uploads

internet 4

50 - 75 Mbps

  • Basic web browsing
  • Email
  • Medium streaming activity
  • Moderate online gaming traffic
  • Online education
  • Medium - large sized downloads/uploads

internet Max

100 - 300 Mbps

  • Ultra-fast connection and performance for multiple users - the higher you go the better your performance!
  • Heavy web browsing
  • High levels of email from multiple users
  • High level streaming activity
  • Extreme online gaming traffic
  • High levels of downloads/uploads
  • Online education
  • Video creation and upload
  • Frequent file sharing


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Speeds and service availability may vary by location and is determined by specific address.