We’ve mentioned several reasons why you should secure your Internet connection if you choose to use a wireless router.  Whether it’s to keep your speeds up or protect yourself from charges of copyright infringement, securing your router just makes sense.

A recent story about a man who was mistakenly arrested after his neighbor used his Internet connection to download illegal materials has prompted us to remind customers again about the dangers of allowing others access to your wireless connection.

  • Remember that you are responsible for your connection – While the man in the story above was able to prove that the computer downloading the offending files wasn’t his, it’s not always that easy.  Especially when it comes to copyright violations, the offending connection is likely to be blamed whether the actual owner of that connection downloaded the files or not.
  • It slows you down – The more devices using one connection the slower the connection will be.  Don’t pay for the entire neighborhood to have High-Speed Internet.
  • It makes it easier for people to hack into your computer – From small business owners to enthusiasts who sell online, users can have a lot of sensitive information on their computers.  While securing your network isn’t a 100% guarantee of protection, it’s definitely a deterrent.  Think about it this way – thieves are likelier to steal from an unlocked car.  Your unsecured network is that unlocked car.

Securing your network only takes a few minutes and can save you from some pretty serious headaches.  For more information on how to secure your connection, check out this article from PC World.


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