Are you a parent, scrambling to figure out ways to keep your children safe on the Internet? As children grow up with technology from before they can take a step or speak a sentence, there are many questions and troubles that can arise. Striving to address an emerging online issue each year, the Insafe organization has shed light on topics such as cyber-bullying and social networking. This year, Safer Internet Day 2016 has the theme “Play your part for a better internet!”

Safer Internet Day (SID) started as an initiative and has grown into a landmark event. Forming in Europe, the Insafe organization has grown above and beyond its original geographic zone and now celebrates in more than 100 countries worldwide, across all continents.

The idea is that no matter what language you speak or what country you call home, we all face issues brought forth by the Internet. As our children become emerged in the culture and effects of technology, cyber safety becomes increasingly important and we need to play our part in making the Internet a better place.

One resource of SID 2016 is a program called Family Online Safety Institute, where parents can go and filter helpful information by age of their child. It provides “advice, tips and tools empowering you to confidently navigate the online world with your kids.” Great Plains Communications wants to help provide information so families enjoy all the Internet has to offer, but in a safe manner. For more information on SID 2016, check out their website at

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