This week, some of our customers received a reminder that you can’t always believe what you hear.

A door-to-door sales team from Tempe, AZ targeted Scribner for a sales scam involving the sale of Satellite Cable.

The two claimed that Scribner was losing its land-based Cable television service with Great Plains Communications, were supposedly going to discontinue  Cable television service.  The duo then told residents that the only way to keep video service was to sign up for their Satellite offering.

“We have no plans to stop providing any service in Scribner or any other community. We will continue to provide Cable to our customers for a very long time and we are very invested in the communities that we serve. We know that some other companies are discontinuing Cable services, but we are not one of them,” said LeaAnn Quist, Sr. Director of Product Management at Great Plains Communications.

Of course, this is completely untrue!  We know that there have been other companies who have chosen for a variety of reasons to stop Cable service, but we aren’t one of those companies!  We remain committed to providing quality Cable programming to our communities and we have no plans to remove Cable from our offerings anywhere in Nebraska.

Fortunately, the state of Nebraska has many laws and city ordinances that protect residents from this type of fraud.  The duo involved in this case, has been ordered by the city to cease their actions as they didn’t have a permit to solicit in Scribner and their parent company is not licensed to do business in Nebraska.  The Nebraska Attorney General’s office has also been informed by the City of Scribner about the situation as a possible consumer fraud case.

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