Password Genie Image

For anyone who has ever struggled with remembering a password, you know just how frustrating and time consuming getting to your information can be.  Passwords aren’t going anywhere either as websites continually try to find ways to protect users and customizeyour experience on the web.

Unfortunately, the desire to avoid this frustration often leads people to use memory tricks that can expose them to security risks.  Strategies such as writing down all of your passwords and keeping the list near your computer means that anyone with access to your PC will also have access to your data. If you use the same password for everything, you risk that once one account is compromised, the hacker will have access to all of your accounts. Even letting your browser remember your passwords can be fraught with risk if you are on a public computer or others have access to your PC.

It seems like every strategy to make remembering your passwords easier just makes them easier to steal, which of course defeats the purpose of having passwords.  Sigh.

We at Great Plains Communications are big believers in keeping the Internet fun and useful, which is why we are now offering Password Genie.  This service creates an encrypted database that stores all of your passwords and automatically fills out your log-in information when you use Explorer or Firefox browsers.

The program has several benefits compared to using your browser’s “auto-remember” function.  The program is completely secure, featuring 256-bit AES encryption, which is the current standard used by online banking websites.  You will also be able to install Password Genie on up to five computers with an unlimited number of users on each device.  Even if you buy a new computer or have to re-install the program on your current computer, your passwords and usernames will still be there.

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