It’s popular this time of year to say what you’re thankful for.  Well, here at Great Plains Communications, we’re grateful for a lot of things, including the continued freedom we enjoy.  For this reason, we once again want to help you say thank you to troops serving overseas this holiday season.  If you are a Great Plains Communications’ customer and have family serving overseas, we will cover the cost of shipping a USPS approved military goodie box to your loved one serving overseas.

Schedule for Military shipping

For all of those who are sending items overseas, here are a few quick tips to ensure a happy holiday season.

  • Desert climates may have extreme temperature fluctuations; beware of substances that are prone to damage by significant changes in temperature.
  • Make sure to check USPS timetables, and send your package early to ensure that the recipient receives it by December 25.
  • It may surprise you what can’t be sent, so double check regulations.
  • Reinforce all box seams with packing tape to reduce the risk that the box will become damaged in transport
  • Pack all of your items securely.  After you have packed your goodie box, but before you seal it, shake the box.  If you hear anything rattling around, add more packing material.

When you are ready to send your box, go to the troops form at Great Plains Communications’ website.  Once you fill out the form, you will be mailed a pre-paid postage stamp that you can affix to your approved USPS military goodie box.

Thank you for letting Great Plains Communications help you bring a little piece of home to the troops serving our country overseas.

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