There are many cool features that come with owning an iPhone and with constant upgrades, it can be hard to keep track of all of them. While some new features are obvious, some are hidden. Great Plains Communications wants to give you a guide to some of our favorite not-so-obvious iPhone features you may have missed.

  1. Add Someone to an iPhone Note

Did you know you can add people to your notes? Improve grocery shopping

What to do:

  • Open your Notes app and select the note you would like to share
  • Select the icon in the top right (highlighted below)
  • Choose how you want to share the note (message, email, etc.)
  • Decide who you want to share it with (as many as you want) and include a message

Note Pic

From there, your friend or friends will be able to view and edit the note in real time.

  1. Close All Safari Tabs at Once

We are all guilty of forgetting to close our tabs, including the last celebrity you googled, that roast chicken recipe you made last week – next thing you know you have upward of 30 tabs open. Instead of sitting there sliding each tab up to close one-by-one, use this hack to close them all at once.

What to do:

  • Open the Safari app
  • Hold down the tab icon in the lower right-hand corner (highlighted below) until a window pops up giving you the option to close all tabs

Safari Pic


  1. Use the Magnifier Tool

Have you been at a restaurant and forgot your glasses? Forget shoving the menu against your face to find your order and turn on the magnifier tool on your iPhone.

What to do:

  • Open your Settings and go to General
  • Click Accessibility
  • Open Magnifier and toggle it to “on.”

To access the tool:

If you have an iPhone X or later version – triple tap the button on the right-hand side of your phone.

If you have an iPhone that includes a Home button, tap it three times.

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