Have you been to www.gpcom.com lately?  If you are one of the thousands of customers who use webmail or eBill, then the answer is probably, yes.   However, you may not be aware of what else is available on our website.

Channel Guides: Sometimes the channel a network is carried on changes or we add new channels (which happens fairly often).  We keep the most up-to-date channel cards on our website to make sure that you always know what’s new and where your favorite channels are.

Bundle Finder: Have you ever wondered what your bill would look like if you added phone service?  Perhaps you are thinking about adding Cable back to your bundle after trying to “cut the cord” and missing your favorite shows too much.  The Bundle Finder makes it easy to find out the price of all bundled options offered in your area.

Grants and Scholarship Applications: Kids are back in school, so it’s a perfect time to start thinking about scholarships for college and grants for next year’s school projects.  Our website has a full listing of our available school grants and student scholarships.  Each year we give out nearly $40,000, so don’t miss out!

Online Bill Pay: If you haven’t already signed up for eBill, then now is the time!  When you sign up for eBill, you can pay your bill or set up Auto-Pay right from our front page.  You will also be able to monitor your long-distance minutes, track your payment history and see your latest bill.

The website also features the latest promotions, channel additions, new features, and much more.  It’s also a great way to get a little research done before calling our Customer Response Center.  What is your favorite part of our website?  Tell us in the comments section below.

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