Cool Internet Tech Making College Easier –

If you’re a college student, or the parent of a college student, you know that college can be an expensive, time-consuming, and mentally challenging time in life.  Fortunately, a handful of new tech tools are around to make the experience easier than ever.

  1. Renting Textbooks – Amazon, otherwise known as the largest online retailer in the world, now allows students to rent digital copies of their textbooks!  For a fraction of the actual purchase price, students can rent a textbook for the semester. Renting also means never worrying about buyback values or lugging a textbook around for life because it just seemed wrong to throw a $200 book away.
  2. Online Notes – If you haven’t yet checked out Evernote, it’s time.  Evernote allows you to pair the notes you take in class with sites that can help with research and even finds videos you may want to embed into class presentations.  It’s a great organizational tool for the classroom and you never have to worry about losing your notes. Did we mention it’s free to $5/month?
  3. Study Cheat-Sheet (that’s not cheating) – Need to learn how to write a chemistry report even though you’re an art major? has you covered.  With dozens of resources for how to write for any subject and study for any test, this site is geared towards helping you make the grade.


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