With overwhelming tension in the air, it seemed as if all 40,502 people in Kauffman Stadium were getting more anxious with each extended inning in the Wildcard Series game between the Kansas City Royals and the Oakland Athletics. The bottom of the sixth inning left the A’s with a 7-3 lead, which they held until the eighth. Lorenzo Cain hit a single, Alcides Escobar scored; Billy Butler singled, Cain scored; Eric Hosmer scored; Jarrod Dyson scored; the Royals had brought it to a tied game at 7-7. The innings stretched on as both teams fought hard to score one run that would secure their spot in the 2014 Major League Baseball Postseason Playoffs. Salvador Perez stepped up to bat in the 12th inning with two outs. It was a hard one-hopper that barely missed the glove of A’s third baseman, Josh Donaldson. The entire stadium was in an uproar as Royals’ rookie Christian Colon made the easy 90 ft. jog to home plate. Royals won 9-8 in the bottom of the 12th inning.

The Royals have officially joined the Postseason roster for the first time since 1985. Other teams who have joined include: the Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels, St. Louis Cardinals, and many others.

With the MLB Network, Great Plains Communications is able to provide you a perfect way to keep up with the crazy schedule and recaps of all of the games! Over the past two seasons, the MLB Network’s exclusive Division Series coverage has included both the most-viewed telecast and the highest-ever rated programming in the history of MLB Network. Keeping up with the tradition, they will again host two exclusive Division Series games this month. The first game will be on Saturday, October 4th and the second game on Monday, October 6th.

If the games are anything close to the one the Kansas City Royals and Oakland Athletics had, we are in for a nail-biting Postseason. Share with us in the comments below, what team you are excited to see in this year’s Postseason Playoffs.

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