Micheal Phelps is his first Olympic Qualifying Event of the 2012 U.S. swim trialsThe U.S. Swim Trials are heating up right here in Nebraska and we want to make sure that you are catching all of the Olympic action!  Don’t miss out on our Watch TV Everywhere partnership that allows you to watch more than 3,000 hours of exclusive Olympic events.

Also, make sure to visit our new Olympics page!  We have the answers you need to make sure that you maximize your Olympic experience as a Great Plains Communications customer.  Visit us at https://gpcom.com/residential/tv/.  With the Olympic right around the corner, now is the time to get all the inside scoop!

We’ll also be blogging about the Olympics throughout the games, so don’t miss out!

*Access is available for Great Plains Communications subscribers with access to MSNBC and CNBC. Cable subscribers in Bancroft, Wolbach, Chapman, North Bend, Dodge, Scribner, and Snyder are not eligible for this service.

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