It’s that time of year again.  When the networks announce what shows viewers will be saying goodbye to and which ones they’ll see again in the fall.  Plus you find out about brand new shows that will debut in the fall.

As always, some networks faired better than others.  For instance, NBC canceled a record breaking number of shows with more than a dozen going off the air.  It’s a toss up at CBS, which is betting on comedies adding two new hours of sitcoms to their schedules.  To see a full list of the fall broadcast schedule, click here.

A few of the new shows that we are most excited about include:

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland airing on Thursday on ABC in Fall of 2013

Taking place in the same world as ABC’s current hit, Once Upon a Time, this show weaves an epic love story into the world of Alice in Wonderland.  Those who love the current shows eccentric take on the world of Disney’s version of fairy tales will likely fall in love with this retelling instantly.

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airing Tuesday on ABC in Fall of 2013

If you were one of the millions of Americans who adored the Avengers (and Iron Man, and Thor, etc.), then this second offering from ABC is going to be your favorite action thriller of fall.  It follows Agent Phil Coulson taking on the missions that are threatening earth but don’t quite demand a big green Hulk.

Ironside airing on Wednesday on NBC in Fall of 2013

A remake of the 70’s cop drama, this show returns Blair Underwood to the small screen.  While NBC hasn’t had a lot of luck with new dramas, they do seem to make crime shows with a twist (Grimm)work.

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