Finding a job offering remote or hybrid work options hasn’t always been so common. Now, many workers are more likely to take a job that offers remote work over one that doesn’t. That’s because working remotely has its benefits – you can design your workspace, the lack of commute to the office, greater flexibility options and more. Home Office Safety and Security Week, which occurs on January 8 to January 14 this year, encourages more businesses and their employers to increase safety and security options to create and sustain better remote work environments.


One of the biggest security challenges is creating secure (and different) passwords for all accounts. There are plenty of safety measures you can take to ensure passwords are not easy to guess by hackers. One way is by not repeating the same password. Even though it might seem daunting to remember passwords for accounts from social media, banking information and retail stores, there are many tools to help you keep them organized and not have to rely on memory alone. Read more about how to practice different password techniques in a previous blog post here.


What security you create with your passwords can be assisted by the right backup. Both your physical and digital files should be backed up using the right software. An external backup software like a hard drive can protect your files in case anything happens to the original copies. A digital backup, or a Cloud-based backup, provides advanced security for your data in a remote location. The Cloud is an affordable, scalable and easy way to maintain access to important files. Find an extensive list of personal backup recommendations here.


Remote jobs give you the ability to work from anywhere – including public places. When you visit coffee shops, hotels, airports or the library to get your work done, be cautious about the files and information you access while using public WiFi. Try not to visit sites containing sensitive information while on public WiFi because it is an unsecured network open to anyone.


We understand that one of the biggest perks of working remotely is enjoying the comfort of home, so make the most of your home office or desk with these gadgets.


Footrest – Sometimes we can sit at our desks for a long time and a footrest helps keep circulation flowing and reduces back strain.

Pricing: $37.99


Keyboard cleaner – Everyday usage doesn’t stop our keyboards from collecting dust and crumbs. Keep your keyboard clean with this silicone gel.

Pricing: $6.99


Desktop boxing – Knock out your stress with this fun boxing gadget. The box includes a mini punching bag and two boxing gloves to fit on your index finger that can sit next to you at your desk.

Pricing: $9.95


Outlet tower – This vertical standing power strip has 11 outlets and three USB ports used to effectively plug in all your devices. Save space with this unique design.

Pricing: $29.99+


Coffee warmer plate – The days of cold coffee are over. You can still have more than one cup a day but now you don’t have to worry about either of them getting cold.

Pricing: $29.99


Standing Desk Balance Board – Complement your standing desk with a standing desk balance board. Test and build up your balance with this desk gadget designed to keep your body active and in motion without distraction.

Pricing: $170

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