1. It’s the best way to secure your home:  Many emergency systems demand a dependable landline connection to make the system work.  It is certainly necessary for many emergency alert pendants who use a wireless connection to a landline device to ensure that an emergency isn’t missed due to spotty cell reception.  When you have a critical health situation, you don’t want to worry about bad reception!

2. It’s the only way to work from home:  Working from home at least a few days a month is becoming more and more popular.  However, poor call quality makes you sound unprofessional and few bosses will okay telecommuting if you are going to drop off of important calls.  Many of today’s cellular phones focus more on the apps on the phone than providing good voice quality.  That is never a problem with landlines.

3. Having a landline can actually save you money: Thanks to bundling, having a landline phone can actually help you save on your other services.  When you bundle with Great Plains Communications, you can save up to 40%.  You may be surprised just how cheap it is to have the reliability and safety of a landline in your home.

To find out more about our bundles, visit our interactive bundle finder, today.

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