We have come a long way from sitting down and writing a letter to a friend when we want to chat. Even the number of telephone calls are rapidly decreasing. Now-a-days, we connect through Wi-Fi. Gone away is the physical aspect of communication; instead we open a laptop, grab a tablet, or press some buttons on a smartphone. Without Wi-Fi, those actions would get us nowhere, and when our Wi-Fi starts to lag we get upset. Before you jump to blaming your Internet provider or electronic device, Great Plains Communications has some ways to ensure that your personal Wi-Fi is working at maximum capacity.

  • Location, Location, Location: Assess where your router is located within your home. Make sure to place your router as close to the center of your home as possible, to ensure every square foot of your home receives the same signal strength. Also, check how close your router is to things such as microwaves, land-line phones, and other devices that could interfere with your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Make Sure it’s Secure: Always be sure to protect your Wi-Fi from hackers and thieves by setting a secure password on your router. Change your passwords frequently for maximum security. If devices outside your home are using your Wi-Fi, this not only depletes your Wi-Fi signal, but it can open up your personal information to hacking.
  • Bring Back the Bunny Ears: Just as bunny ears used to boost your television connection, many routers will support external antennas. Just position your high-gain antenna for your router in a position to maximize your Wi-Fi signal.
  • Time for an Upgrade: With technology changing rapidly, it is important to maintain the best devices for maximum use. If you have had the same router for multiple years and nothing else seems to be helping boost your Wi-Fi, it could be time to think about shopping for a new model.

If you have questions on your router or Internet service, call 1-888-343-8014, Option 1 and one of our Customer Response Representatives would be happy to help you.

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